---15 questions just for fun, just for anyone, answers provided at completion.
Intermediate level people just do it!


Australian Citizenship-Interactive

---6 interactives that are fun and test your Australian citizenship knowledge;

designed for primary school children but a challenge for adult ESL learners.

Explore for more on this revamped site. Very good beginners plus.


Australian Slang Dictionary


 --"This lively and enjoyable collection of Australian slang dictionaries includes words, phrases, and

acronyms, with explanations in plain international English - a veritable window into

classic Australian linguistic-culture."

---more info http://sites.google.com/site/vikseslklixnewsletter/27-july-2008 

Beginning A Life In Australia


---"The Beginning a Life in Australia booklet welcomes newly-arrived migrants and humanitarian entrants to Australia. It provides useful national, state/territory and local settlement information

for migrants, humanitarian entrants, their sponsors and service providers. This information is available

to download in English and 37 community languages."

---more info https://sites.google.com/site/vikseslklixnewsletter/7-august-2010



---just about everything concerning Oz, with links; a difficult site to negotiate,

but truly worth a look into for there is so much there that would otherwise

require much searching elsewhere.

---more info http://sites.google.com/site/vikseslklixnewsletter/7-february-2010


---some common Australian idioms & words defined & tested in a very visual manner;

prepared by the National Museum of Australia.


RMS-Driver Knowledge Test

---"The practice Driver Knowledge Test has been designed to help people prepare for the DKT before attempting it at a motor registry or other testing location. It lets you become familiar with the test and helps you to decide if you are ready to attempt the test. It also lets experienced drivers test their knowledge of the road rules.

The practice DKT looks and operates like the real test . It consists of 45 questions drawn from the DKT question bank and is available in English and nine (9) other languages (Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese).

Unlike the actual test, the practice DKT will allow you to complete the entire 45-question test irrespectiveof the number of incorrect answers. At the completion of the practice DKT you will be advisedwhether you would have passed or failed the test."



---There is here a wealth of information, from a union viewpoint, about workers' rights. The site is aimed at high school students but anyone can learn from it.

3 key themes~

1. Getting the most out of work experience .

2. What students need to know about work before starting their first job

3. Understanding the role of unions in shaping the working life of Australians.

--more info