ABC Game

---very basic but well constructed matching letters game for beginners.

---revision of alphabet order; PBS creates good things.
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---" alphabetical order, upper-case and lower-case letters, counting numbers, connect the dots, numerical order, shapes, addition, e-storybooks"

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Alphabet Flash cards

---alphabet flash cards to revise letter name knowledge, with sound; beginners listen & choose the correct letter.

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---catchy revision game distinguishing between consonants & vowels

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---basics with fun; designed for children but suitable for adult viewing(!)

Big Art ABC

---very interesting, hmmm: a site that combines the ABC with art works!
    Advancing beginners only.

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English alphabet

---short brilliant soundless alphabet site for absolute starters

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---" Education is always first with us, but we try to make our programs as much fun as possible,
with music and fantastic games that get the students involved";
letters & numbers,
phonics, language arts---a brilliant site, but you only get demos, so do the free 7-day trial if you want more;
written for younger students but don't be shy if you're a tad older.

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---Great little letters of the alphabet recognition game; works like magic; a golden oldie--1999--
which will forever be useful for the basic beginner.
Match the smalls to the caps.

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Kinderplanet word puzzle

---Great little words recognition game; works like magic; a golden oldie--1999--which will forever be useful for the basic beginner. Match the words.

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---"The Literacy Center Education Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to deliver
free, professionally-designed, education material to
preschool-age children."
Letters, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Words, Writing, Keyboard~wonderful,
as good & as easy as possible for an absolute beginner.

 Match my lower case

---a simple matching game, lower case English letters with capitals.

---one page, one idea: look & listen to the alphabet. Ignore the other site links.


---a selection of games for good beginners plus. Some of them are so good, others not at all.
 See which ones suit you.



Phunni Phonics

---This is one wacky website. Phonics with a punch! A brief but very entertaining site dealing

with letters & blends. Probably fun for anyone, but remember that it's not a comprehensive

treatment of all the sounds of English.

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---listen & then match the picture to its beginning letter sound, to its short vowel sound

& to its long vowel sound. Solid site for good beginners.


Piece of English cake
"The ESL activities for kids on the Tutorial page help ELL students students learn and practice English reading. The English lessons are based on categorized word lists to introduce kids to essential phonics skills. English topics include: short and long vowels, "magic e" words, consonant blends and digraphs, and hard "c" and soft "c." This way, kids can practice letter sounds, a crucial step in learning to read. Lessons on sight words balance the curriculum and build fluency. Each beginning English lesson includes a choice of activities to learn how to read English, perfect English pronunciation, and practice vocabulary and spelling." Use this page as your homepage where you'll find sssssssssssooooooo much to do, and it's all top quality material. Wow! Beginners, please start here!


---9 alphabet-based games for good beginners plus."Free online kids games that
are both fun and educational. Aimed at ages pre-K through middle school,
Play Kids Games offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and
learn new skills with interactive and fun computer games. Our games build skills in
math, logic, memory,
, alphabet, spelling,geography, computer skills, color identification, shape identification and other
various problem solving.
Our commitment to parents, teachers, and kids, is to connect learning and skill building with a sense of challenge,
fun, and self esteem."

---a great site for raw beginners; a wonderful audiovisual experience to reinforce

what the newcomer might have met before,&/or a memorable intro for the

absolute newcomer; easy to navigate.

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Starfall: comprehension & phonics

---a portal for learning to read fun stuff...great

---a great resource from a very old company. "Based on the
latest research on early literacy development,
Building Language for Literacy features original language-loving characters who inspire and motivate learning.
Early Reading, Oral Language Development, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Word Recognition, Listening and
Speaking, Vocabulary, Communities and Ways of Life, Early Reading, Following Directions, Songs and Rhymes,
Sorting, Animal Stories,Phonemic Awareness, Social Studies, Listening and Speaking, Listening Comprehension,
Vocabulary." Beginners plus.

---"A learning game that’s fun! Help Larry Lobster save the Super Sub by learning
your ABCs."
Excellent educational tool for beginners. Get constant feedback on
your performance with voice audio, music and sound effects. Super-simple controls –
just point and click.
Completely random letter generator – the game is never the same twice. 
Complete upper and lowercase alphabet options.
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---This very good product from Houghton Mifflin is focused on the nuts & bolts of English.
It provides a variety of activities that deal
with phonics, spelling, pronunciation, word construction,
vocabulary. It obviously becomes more difficult as it progresses through the grades.

Navigation cannot be faulted. 184 activities await the keen student.

Highly recommended for advancing beginners onwards.

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