Keep things simple. Down to earth.

Hi! I am Vikram Kamath, an IT professional born and brought up in India, and currently a resident of U.K. My exposure to geographically diverse culture has put me in a comfort level to deal with people. My areas of interests include:
                • Technology
                • Piano
                • Chess, Tennis, Pool, Cricket
                • Writing/solving logical and analytical puzzles
                • Scribbling poems/novels in Kannada
                • Creating concepts for short movies
I love adventures and camp fires, just that I need to find some time and fulfil some other goals before letting myself loose in the air and cool in water. Well, am anyways as cool as water and as light as air :) Feel free to mess around with me starting with a simple "Hi". The simpler you are, the closer I get! However, bear in mind - "Aquarian folks are emotional yet love freedom and justice".