Note from authors: This project is in planning; these pages simply provide some introduction to the themes in which we are interested. 
This innovative project will explore - through mixed media - the biographies of the north European landscape between AD 800 and 1100.  This period represents a time of transition; the centuries around the turn of the first millennium may be seen as something of a watershed in the development of European economy, society, and politics.  From an archaeological perspective, there has been much discussion regarding settlement morphology and the ‘creation‘ of an agricultural landscape during this time, together with debates regarding the role of politics in the creation of this new landscape.  However, much less time has been spent on the question of the impact of this landscape on the people that lived in it, and how it conditioned the events and exchanges that took place within this context.  There is great potential for applying some of the techniques successfully employed by prehistorians in this area, particularly given the diversity of contexts that remain to be explored in the early medieval period, and the range of non-archaeological sources that could be applied to the problem.

In short, the project is concerned with the experience of life-in-landscape.   The problem of capturing such experience in the traditional medium of  text is well known.  This project thus takes a different approach, and attempts to evoke and investigate some of these phenomena through a discursive relationship between text and art.   Far more than using painting as illustration, the project aims to use images to instigate discussion, just as the associated essays will inform the creation of the artwork.  A key aim of the project then, is to explore the means by which text and image may be used together in the creation of narrative.