The Secretariat urges an appropriate perspective regarding awards. No one can observe every action in a meeting or truly judge an individual's learning. The basis of the simulation is cooperation between delegations through multilateral diplomacy; there are no winners or losers. Inquiries regarding recognition should be directed to the Secretary-General.

Performance Awards
Following the conclusion of a meeting, staff members recommend approximately ten percent of the delegations in their respective bodies for awards based on performance throughout the course of each meeting. A delegation's overall score is the total number of times it receives recognition for a meeting divided by the number of opportunities for recognition. If a delegation's actions are overly competitive, inappropriate, or do not comply with the rules of procedure, the staff may assess negative points counting against the awards tally. Areas of evaluation for performance are accurate country representation, knowledge of the UN System, knowledge of agenda items, diplomatic composure, and involvement in formal and informal processes. In order for a performance award to be conferred, the delegate in question must have submitted a position paper.

Position Paper Awards
Position papers are a critical part of delegate preparation. They require delegations to illustrate their knowledge of the agenda items and recommend courses of action for the Organization. Areas of evaluation for position papers are overall quality of writing, accurate country representation, consistency with the constraints of the United Nations, and strong proposal of solutions.