Flags of many countries at Niles North.

On behalf of the Niles North High School Model United Nations Team, I would like to invite you to the Viking Model United Nations (VMUN) II Conference, which will be held on Saturday, 18 November 2017 at Niles North High School in Skokie, Illinois. VMUN will be conducted in accord with the innovative UN4MUN rules of procedure developed by William Yotive when he was a project manager with the United Nations Department of Public Information. UN4MUN procedures are designed to offer the most accurate simulation of the United Nations through an emphasis on consensus, a realistic leadership structure, and a practical negotiation process.

Besides our use of UN4MUN procedures, VMUN is notable for its provision of Niles North faculty as substantive experts in each committee. The faculty experts will brief the delegates at the beginning of the conference and answer any questions they may have on the items being discussed. Another distinct aspect of VMUN is the press corps, comprised of Niles North journalism students who produce the school’s news website, North Star News. This is particularly useful for an accurate simulation of the Security Council, which often issues press statements and holds press conferences on the outcomes of its daily meetings. We welcome students to participate as members of the press corps at VMUN; they will be given a significant discount on the delegate fee. A final distinguishing factor is the VMUN leadership structure. Just as national representatives preside over committees at the United Nations in New York, students from participating schools will serve as officers (presidents, vice-presidents, chairs, vice-chairs, etc.) of VMUN committees, providing an extremely faithful simulation of real-life conference procedures.

I hope you will join us on Saturday, 18 November for VMUN II!