Polemos Maps

It has been my pleasure to create maps for Peter Berry at Baccus Miniatures for his Polemos series of books. So far my maps have illustrated his American Civil War (Crisis of Allegiance & On They Came), Franco-Prussian War (Kommandant der Armee & Commandant de Bataille), Napoleonic War (Marechal d'Empire 2nd Edition, General de Division 2nd Edition, & The Napoleonic Companion) books. Upcoming are some maps for the Risorgimento Rules. I've also created maps for several articles written by Polemos authors for magazines & journals. Some of these have not been released in color yet. Here are a few samples. Please wander through the pages of maps and contact me if any of them interest you as copies (approximately 8-1/2 by 11 inches in size) are available for a nominal charge as noted below. Larger copies can be arranged but require me to use an outside printer & the costs will be higher. electronic copies are not available due to my arrangements with my publisher.

Here is a sample map from the upcoming Baccus title:  Polemos - Mythic Armies that will cross Ancients and Fantasy. This is an example of a Point-to-Point style Campaign map. What this means is that the Cities and Fortresses, represented by clusters of buildings is where conflicts take place and that roads merely represent the connection points between points on the map. A star symbol by a town means that this is the major town of a province. Players each start in one of the outlying provinces and have a fortress, a village, and a town. The names of the outlying provinces are drawn from the names of the first few letters of the Geatish Alphabet. The center area represents non-aligned territories that can be conquered and added to a players holdings.
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Maps may be ordered
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