A Mind not wasted

Sven, aka the Viking Jarl

A Craftsman, Historical Gamer, Swordsman,  & Re-enactor

If you're bent with Arthiritis,
Your bowels have got Colitis,
You've galloping bollicitus,
And you're thinking it's time you died.

If you've been a man of action,
Though you're lying there in traction,
You can gain some satisfaction,
Thinking: Damn It! At least I tried!

    The Rambling Rover -- Andy M Stewart

Velkommen! Here are a few web-pages where you can come to know me. My name is Sven & I'm of Scandinavian heritage. I have a love of music, enjoy doing a broad variety of crafts, spending time outdoors, Historical Re-enacting, & miniatures gaming.

There are pages about: Miniature gaming,  Art Maps, Game Design, Crafts, Role-Playing games, Music, & Re-enacting.

ves thu hael,

Below is a picture of me hanging with my own kind


Contact me vikingjarl@gmail.com

I also have a gaming blog at: http://viking-wargamer.blogspot.com/