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Price & Programs 

Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:30 til 11:45 am. Optional breakfast at 9:00 am with parents. Students go to the library during class time.

Our school calendar starts mid September and ends in April with two semesters totaling 24 weeks. 12 Saturdays in the Fall and 12 Saturdays in the Spring. For specific dates and activities, please select Curriculum & Calendar from the menu above. 

We strive to use the most popular and current material from the Danish school system. Our curriculum material includes Fandango, Eventyr i Ådal, Alletiders Dansk, Kiwi, TRUMF and Læs og Forstå from Alinea, Frilaesningsbøger from Dansk Lærerforeningens, Dingobøger and Aktivt Dansk from Alfabeta for our adult students. Our home work material is grundbøger og alfabetbøger from Forlaget Delta.

We currently provide programs for the following age groups: 

  • 3-4 years
  • 5-8 years
  • 9+ years
  • Danish for adults (private tutoring)

Program Overview

  • Incorporate seasons and Danish traditions into fun-filled weekly theme/activity plans
  • Lead by Danish teachers assisted by parents
  • Encourage that we speak Danish in class
  • Provide learning for children (and adults) based on individual proficiency levels where possible
  • Encourage practice at home using theme/activity plans and homework sheets
  • Let you check-out Danish books weekly

3-4 års Klassen

  • Dansk for de mindste: Lær Dansk med Signe (Danes World Wide)
  • Leg og spil
  • Sang
  • Klip og tegn
  • Højtlæsning
  • Flashcards med billeder og ord

5-8 års Klassen

  • På eventyr i Ådal - læsebog 0. kl. (Gyldendal)
  • På eventyr i Ådal - Vejledning 0. kl. (Gyldendal)       
  • På eventyr i Ådal. Konsonantbog 0. kl. (Gyldendal)
  • På eventyr i Ådal. Vokalbog 0. kl. (Gyldendal)    
  • Fandango 1. + 2. Grundbog  (Gyldendal)
  • Fandango 1. + 2. Vejledning  (Gyldendal)
  • Fandango 1. + 2. Arbejdsbog (Gyldendal)           
  • Vitello-serien  (Gyldendal)
  • Min første danskbog (Delta)
  • Min anden danskbog (Delta)
  • TRUMF-kassen (Alinea)
  • Dingo-bøger (Gyldendal)
  • KIWI-kassen (Alinea)
  • Arbejdsbogen (BHK) (Delta)
  • Flashcards med billeder og ord

9+ års Klassen

  • Fandango 3. Arbejdsbog (Gyldendal)
  • Fandango 3. Arbejdsbog (Gyldendal)
  • Fandango 3. Grundbog (Gyldendal)
  • Fandango 3. Lærervejledning (Gyldendal)
  • Min tredje danskbog (Delta)
  • Min fjerde danskbog (Delta)
  • TRUMF-kassen (Alinea)
  • Dingo-bøger (Gyldendal)

Danish for Adults

Adult classes are held as private tutoring classes by some of out teachers during week nights. To learn more, contact us.

Program Pricing

First Student:     $300 per semester/$600 per year
Second Student: $250 per semester/$500 per year
Third Student:    $200 per semester/$400 per year
Fourth Student:     Free

A $25 school supply fee per student per semester applies. The supply fee is waived when school year is paid in full ($50 value per student). Additional book cost apply to the adult class as needed.


  • A 50% discount on tuition for all family enrollments, can be obtained,  if an adult family member commits to being an assistant teacher for at least 6 classes per semester.
  • A 100% discount on all family enrollments can be obtained if an adult family member commits as a primary teacher (as needed).

Click here to Register Online Today. See Job Descriptions.

Send check with tuition less any applicable discounts plus supply fee to:

Mailing address (only):
c/o Lillian Jensen, CFO 
9551 Pagewood 
Houston, TX 77063

For more information about the daily schedule, teachers and weekly themes, go to activity plans & schedule.