About Us

Why a Danish School in Houston? Houston has a large Danish community.  Many of us want to keep the Danish language, traditions and culture alive and to teach these to our family and friends.  With our hectic schedules and individual circumstances, this is a real challenge, whether our separation from Denmark is temporary or permanent.

Our Stories 

Christina og William og historien bag Vikingeskolens grundlæggelse i 2006. The story behind the founding of Vikingeskolen in 2006 as published in America Letter: Across Oceans, Across Time, Across Generations: Danish Vikingeskolen Houston, By Lone Christensen, Board Member, The Danish Immigrant Museum.

Tina has two seven year old twin girls attending Danish school. Hvor er det dog en fornøjelse at komme på Vikingeskolen - det gør I altså virkelig godt!! Og skønne, skønne rammer!

Anne and Peter is in Houston on a 4-year contract.  Three-year-old Trine is in Pre-K and now fluent in English, so fluent that she prefers to speak English ONLY.  Peter says, “I’m just really worried that, when Trine starts school in Denmark, she will be having a real hard time.”

Tina and Poul have lived in Clear Lake for 12 years and are not sure if they will ever permanently return to Denmark.  It has always been very important to them that their 4 and 7-year-old, have an excellent command of the Danish language.  “The hard part is going to be to teach them to read and write Danish.  We don’t have the skills, the materials, nor the time to do that sufficiently,” says Tina.

Mette has lived in the States for 26 years.  Mette and her American husband have a 12-year-old son.  Mette says, “It’s been difficult over the years to keep up with my Danish and even more so my sons.  My son really wants to learn more Danish.  I just don’t know were to begin.”

What Does Vikingeskolen Offer?

Our stories are all different.  However, many of us have a common desire to keep the Danish language, traditions and culture alive for our children as we live away from Denmark.  Vikingeskolen can help do just that.

We are a non-profit organization offering Danish learning in a fun-filled environment.  Classes are taught by Danish-speaking parent teachers and volunteers of all ages.


The mission of Vikingeskolen is to promote the Danish language, culture and traditions for children and adults in the Houston area who wish to learn/improve their Danish regardless of current proficiency. 

Our Core Values 

  • Have fun while learning Danish
  • Attempt to only speak Danish in school
  • Engage active and involved parents & volunteers
  • Gain Danish friends

Board of Directors & Staff


Christina Brinch Clark, President, 832.660.6496
Lene Kiersted, Vice President
Kristian Nielsen, Treasurer
Ann Jeanette Lyman, Secretary
Inge-Marie Hansen


Anne Olsen, Principal (skoleleder), 409.457.3871
Lisette Dolling, Assistant Principal, 832.269.6864

Romina Rodriguez, Cleaning
Lillian Jensen, Bookkeeper, CFO
Bo Jakobsen, Auditor

See list of teaching staff. The majority of Vikingeskolen's teachers and assistant teachers are volunteers and parents.

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By-Laws of Vikingeskolen

Board Meeting Schedule (tentative): 

Mid November
Mid February
Mid April
Mid July/August