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Krispy Kreme Donut Cards
Cookie Dough, Pretzel, & Candle Sales
Spirit Nights: Chick-fil-A, Bojangles', Zaxby's, Papa John's
Bi-Lo BonusCard, Publix Partners, Target
Car Magnet Sales
Car Flag Sales
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Corporate Sponsorships
Band Alumni "Tele-marketing", Facebook
Viking Band Logo Merchandise Sales
Viking Athletics Program Ad Sales
Band Cookbook
Chick-fil-A/Bojangles' Biscuit Sales
Fish Fry

Car Flag Sales
Display your support for the Viking Band by purchasing a car flag for $10.  Put a flag or two on your car when you are on your way to a band performance... or leave it on all the time!  Contact Mr. Gantt to purchase a car flag.

Spirit Nights
Continue to support the band by visiting local restaurants on the scheduled Spirit Nights. Two Chick-fil-A nights have raised $350 for the band.  Bojangles' donates 15% of all purchases during Spirit hours to the Viking Band. Stay tuned for the next Spirit Night and take a night off from cooking!

Basketball Concessions
The Viking Band Booster Club ran the concessions stand during home basketball games. We cleared nearly $1,350 to benefit the band!

Bi-Lo BoosterPlus
Thanks to some of our Booster parents Bi-Lo BonusCard campaign, Bi-lo's contributions to the band increased from $47 in August to $632 in March.  These parents and Viking Band students manned the doors at local Bi-Lo grocery stores handing out flyers with our band's Bi-Lo BoosterPlus number.  These shoppers just had to register that number once at the register and from that point on, every time they use their Bi-Lo BonusCard, a portion of those sales are allotted to the Viking Band.

The more that our BoosterPlus ID gets associated with Bi-Lo shoppers' BonusCards, the more funds will be deposited and contributed to the band's account. If you shop at Bi-Lo please get one of our BoosterPlus ID forms and have the cashier scan it to associate it with you Bi-Lo BonusCard.  Bi-Lo requires that you associate the BoosterPlus ID with your BonusCard every year. Then, every time you shop at any Bi-Lo, use your BonusCard and Bi-Lo will set aside a portion of your purchase value as a donation to the Viking Band.

Look for more information here in the Fall for how you can help enlist Bi-Lo shoppers to help the Viking Band every time they make a purchase.

Band Afghan Sales

are great to show your Viking Band Pride and stay warm on those cold days & nights at football games and band competitions!  Get ready now for the fall season!

We will keep this item available and every time we get the minimum quantity (10), we'll place an order.  The band receives a portion of the sales so every afghan order placed supports the band.

If you would like to order an afghan, please contact Mr. Gantt.  Afghans are $30 each.  Checks should be made payable to Spartanburg High Band Booster Club.

A company from Anderson is making afghans for the band. Some of you may have seen it. It really is quite pretty and really warm. Just ask Mrs. D - she was covered up in it at the Byrnes playoff game.  They are ECO Friendly!  It would be a great holiday gift.  Best of all, the band makes some money.  EVERYONE WINS. It is two layers and measures 48"x60".  A ten piece minimum order is required and it takes about two weeks to ship.  So, if you would like to get one for your favorite band director or band student, or yourself, let Mr. Gantt know.

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Donut Card Sales Fundraiser Krispy Kreme Donut cards sell for $10 each and the Band receives $5 from each card sold.  Any unsold cards can be returned to Krispy Kreme so there is no risk.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser
We had great success with our fundraiser in 2009.  We sold 263 more frozen items than in 2008 for $1578 more profit and 85 more candles for $408 more profit. WAY TO GO BAND!  Congratulations July Kongkeo - she sold a total of 41 items for a total sale of $618.

Please please encourage your child to sell cookie dough & candles. They make $6 off each box of cookie dough they sell and $4.80 off of each candle they sell.  This is a great way to raise money towards any trip/dues for band activities.