Indian Comics

Hi friends,

This is the place for you if you like to read Raj, Manoj comics. I am not the original uploader of these comics. So thanks to all the original uploader for their hard work. My task is to just collect most of them and make them available for you in a easy way.

If you like any raj comics and if you want to save the comics industry , please buy it.

For viewing the comics below in CBR format you need to have Cdisplay installed on your computer. The link for Cdisplay is as follows:

CDisplay Link

                                  Nagayan Series


                                     Grahan Kand   [Download Link]  


                                    Haran Kand   [Download Link]  


                                      Varan Kand  [Download Link]  

                                    Dahan Kand [Download Link]


                                    Sharan Kand [Download Link]


Ran Kand [Download Link]

                            Raj Comics - Mulistarer

                                     Vidhvans   [Download Link]     


                                     Parkaley [Download Link]



                                    Saudaangi   [Download Link]

 The available different sections are as follows:

  • Nagraj Comics : This section contains the comics of Nagraj exclusively.
  • Dhruv Comics : This section contains the comics of Super Commando Dhruv exclusively.
  • Raj Comics (Others) : This section contains the comics of all the characters of raj comics except Dhruv and Nagraj, some of the characters are as follows:
  • Bankelal, Gamraj, Fighter Toads, Doga, Bhokal, Parmanu,  Tiranga, inspector steel, Anthony, shakti, Bhediya  etc
  • Misc Comics : This sections contains the following comics :

           * Manoj comics : Ram rahim , Hawaldar bahadur etc

           * Diamond comics : chacha chaudhary , billu etc

           * Tulasi comics : Jambu, Tausi and Angara