Vijay Kamble


             SOciety and ALgorithms Lab  (SOAL)
                              Stanford MS&E
                  vjkamble at stanford dot edu

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Society and Algorithms Lab at Stanford MS&E, where I am jointly hosted by Ramesh Johari and Ashish GoelI obtained my PhD in EECS at UC Berkeley in Dec 2015. At Berkeley, I was advised by Jean Walrand and was affiliated with the BLISS and the NetEcon groups.

I am broadly interested in market design and applications of reinforcement learning in business decision-making. My recent work has focused on developing data-driven algorithms and incentive mechanisms for optimizing on-demand labor markets and platforms that leverage collective intelligence. 

I will join the Information and Decision Sciences Dept. in the College of Business Administration at University of Illinois - Chicago as Assistant Professor of Operations Management in Fall 2017.