Vijay Kamble


SOciety and ALgorithms Lab  (SOAL)
Stanford MS&E
vjkamble at stanford dot edu

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Society and Algorithms Lab at Stanford MS&E. I obtained my PhD in EECS at UC Berkeley in Dec 2015. At Berkeley, I was affiliated with the BLISS and the NetEcon groups.

develop mechanisms and algorithms for optimizing service operations in online platforms, using tools and techniques from machine learning, statistical decision theory, dynamic programming, optimization, and game theory.  I am particularly interested in operational issues arising in online labor markets (Upwork, Uber, Lyft, MTurk etc.) and platforms that leverage collective intelligence (User-generated content, Prediction markets etc.). 

In general, I am interested in making methodological advances in decision-making under uncertainty and in engineering collective behavior in large-scale multi-agent systems. My PhD thesis was on set-valued approximate dynamic programming approaches to sequential multi-objective games.