I am Vijay Badrinarayanan, a senior research associate in the Computer Vision & Robotics group, Machine Intelligence Laboratory,  Department of Engineering , University of Cambridge, U.K .  My broad research interests are in applying machine learning techniques to solve computer vision problems. In the recent past, I have worked on problems such as interactive video segmentation, propagation of semantic labels in video sequences, multi-category segmentation and recognition from videos and 3D object recognition from Kinect data. I am currently working on extending deep learning techniques for semantic segmentation for scene understanding.  I have also provided research consultancy services in computer vision and deep learning to startup companies in the UK and US. 

I obtained my Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (2001) from Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. After which, I studied for a Masters in Electrical and Communication Engineering (2005) at Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech), Atlanta, USA . I then wrote a dissertation titled 'Probabilistic Graphical Models for Visual Tracking of Objects' for a PhD (2009) from INRIA, Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique, France under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Perez and with sponsorship from Technicolor Research Labs, Rennes, France .
My post doctoral work is supervised by Prof. Roberto Cipolla. I am also a post-doctoral research associate of St. Johns College, University of Cambridge, U.K . Since January 2014, I have been promoted to a Senior Research Associateship (grade equivalent to University Lecturer) at Cambridge University.