Vijaya College is situated by the acess to Matale from Kamdy Main Road, which was initially started in 1886 and the oldest Buddhist College in Matale District.


In 1886 this school was started in a ers Sir.Henry Steel Olcott and the then Post Master Stephen Silva and Sir.D.B.Jayathilake , A.D.S. Wickramasekara , and Prof.Batuwantudawe and Buddhist Clergy / Scholers and will wishers started to spread and re-gain the Buddhist Culture in Sri Lanka. Mudali L.C. Wijesinghe started by the Matale Ubaya Lokarth Society Started in the name of Buddhist Institute Boys school.

Shorff Ratwatte donated a land at Hetti Vediya - Matale in a tatched room.

On preusing the history the 1st Principal was Mr.Godawela and the 150 children were educated in the school. This school was transferrd to a building at Gongawela in 1889 with the help of Parama Vidyartha Buddhist Scociety.

In 1888-1912 Prof. Batuwantudawe and Mr.Shumawa ,Francis Soysa , Weerasinghe , D.S.de silva were the Principal served on this school.

In 1912-1922 Mr.M.B.Navaratne, A.D.William Silva,W.A.M. Peiris Silva and D.P.Wanigasekara were served as principales.

From 1922-1951 the principal were Mr.Karaliyadda and .V.T. Nanayakkara and considered as the Golden era of this school.

From 1922-1931 Mr.V.B. Karaliyadde was the Principal and in 1923 the building was brought to the present land.

On the guidance of Mr.Karaliyadde ,Hulanganuwa Rate Mahattaya and Sediyas Silva bought and donated the present land to Vijaya College. The 1st President of Sri Lanka William Goppalawa had extended hist best to buy this land and it had made a big progress to the school. From 1931-1951 The Principal Nanayakkara served as the Principal expanding the buildings and a heavy progress was shown duting this time The Gunasena Hall was built by the J.E. Gunasena in 1947 and donated to the school which was opened by the Prime Minister Mr.D.S.Senanayake. ion to education Sports introduced and the Teams of Vijaya College chalangeother schools in Island. In 1938 on 23rd March, the school which was know as ' Buddhist Boys ' School was named as 'VIJAYA COLLEGE' the then principal was Mr.V.T.Nanayakkara.