We have put together some frequent asked questions regarding brazilian wax so our 1st time clients can understand what is involved.

What is brazilian wax?
At WAXETC. the brazilian wax is the removal of all hair from the pubic area and anal area too. However you can choose to leave a strip or a triangle on the front or leave the anal area if you wish too. 

What does it involve?
You will be left in the treatment room alone before your treatment so you can make yourself comfortable. We provide clean towels for you to cover your lower body while you are lying on the treatment table. You will also be provided with wet wipes for you to sanitize before the waxing. 

Your therapist will only enter the room when you are ready. We always start with a bikini wax and if you are comfortable with the pain then we continue with the treatment but we can stop it half way through if you feel that the treatment is not for you. 

If you are very self conscious of your body, this treatment may not be for you but remember we are professionals and discreet plus we do this treatment to many different people with different body shapes on a daily basis!

What is the G-string waxing?

If brazilian waxing is not for you, try a g-string wax. If you wish to leave your hair in the inner labia alone but you don't like that annoying butt hair, then you must try our g-string wax! You will have a french bikini wax (see below) plus the anal area waxed too.

What is the difference between a bikini wax and a french bikini?
Bikini waxing only removes the hair from outside the bikini line and french bikini removes hair from the bikini line and a little be more from the inside the groin, the hair from above the pubic area (below and under the belly button) and the hair from between the buttocks and the pubic area (outside the panty line). We provide disposable underwear for both treatments but you can use your own if you wish to.

Do I need to be on all fours for the anal area waxing?
No! We have a much better and comfortable position to put our clients in. So don't worry about this as you will just lie on your front or on your side.

Do you use hot or strip wax?
We only use premium hot wax for intimate waxing. Our strip waxes are only used on large areas of the body such as legs and back. Underarms, bikini and intimate are waxed with hot wax only. If you are new to this wax you will love it! The wax is applied on small patches and let set dry. When the patch is dry we will pull it out and it doesn't pull the skin, only the hair. This makes it perfect for sensitive areas and the pain is much less than if we used strip waxes. We also use the right technique for waxing so you can be assured the treatment will be as painless and comfortable as possible.

How hygienic is this treatment?
We always sanitize the room before each client. We wear disposable gloves at all times and only use disposable spatulas without double dipping! The towels are changed after each client and are sent to professional laundry (Preens).  We sanitize the wax pot after each use and all used wax is disposed of as clinical waste.

How long does the treatment take?
If this is your 1st time, you can expect it to take approximately 30min to 45min. If you are a regular the treatment should take approximately 20 to 30min but it can vary.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask in the comments box below or email! :)

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