Brow & Lash Bar

Beautifully defined eyebrows and pin-up girl lashes... We love them!!!

Our eyelashes and eyebrows tinting and specialty treatments provide a natural looking effect, reduces or eliminates the need for make up and are waterproof and smudge-proof.



$30 - Eyebrow designing  (1st time or over 6 weeks) BEST SELLER!

"Our unique 8 step technique of designing/shaping eyebrows will blow you away! We carry out a consultation and use waxing, sugaring, tweezing, trimming amongst other steps to achieve the best brow shape you can get!"

$22 - Eyebrow tinting                    

$25 - Eyelash tinting                     

$23 - Eyebrow maintenance (regular clients only)      

$45 - Eyebrow Makeover (designing + tinting) 

$60 - SIGNATURE EYE PACKAGE BEST SELLER! (eyebrows and eyelashes tinting + eyebrows designing) - 45min

"Get the best look for your eyebrows by enhancing its natural colour followed by our famous eyebrow designing..."                 


$50 - SIGNATURE EYE PACKAGE maintenance (maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks) - 30min

(The picture below shows a full set of eyelashes plus eyebrow shape and tinting done by Renata)

(by Renata Viglioni)

Eyelash extensions  open up your eyes and make you look very glamorous. We highly recommend this treatment for special occasions or holidays. With the right application and after-care this treatment will not damage your own lashes and can also be worn on a regular basis. We only use premium products from NZ, Australia and UK. Our glue is low fume and very long-lasting and we use silk lashes that are light weight and give a beautiful black and glossy effect.

If you have long and thick natural lashes the Icurl lash lift is also a great treatment for you because it is very cost effective as it lasts up to three months and gives you beautifully curly lashes. Eyelash extensions will add glamour to your natural lashes if this is the option you choose.

$125 - Full set  BEST SELLER!
$75 - Infills within 3 weeks  (valid for our regular clients only)

*Please do not use mascara or any oil based products near your eyelashes prior to the treatment.


Waxetc. is always on the lookout for the best products for every treatment. We now bring you the ultimate in eyelash extension after-care! A great set of lashes begins with our exclusive long lasting medical-grade adhesive. We use the best European lash extension products combined with beautiful and glossy silk lashes.


The photo show a client after a LASH LIFT PACKAGE (lash lift and tint plus brow tint and shape by Renata Viglioni). No make-up or mascara was used for this photo!

Naturally beautiful flirty lashes... (The pictures below shows you a client before her Lash Lift package (eyebrow shape and tint + eyelash tint and curled).

Your days of using an eyelash curler or extensions can be gone forever, with safe and effective eyelash perming. We can enhance your appearance with effortless lashes that are always perfectly curled. In just one session, your eyes will be bright and beautiful 24 hours a day!

Lash Lift is the new generation in eyelash perming. This treatment creates a more natural look and a long curly lash effect. 

$65- Lash Lift and tint

$99 - Signature Lash Lift Package (lash lift + lash tint + eyebrow shape and tint) BEST SELLER!

What does the treatment involve?

An eyelash curling session takes around 30 minutes and involves applying an eye curl and click device (the smaller the curving plate, the more dramatic the curl) attached to the base of the upper eyelid. Then your upper lashes will be curled with the device using a perming solution. After 5 to 7 minutes the process will be repeated using the setting lotion. To conclude the process, a quick flush with distilled water and lash serum and you are ready to flirt! ;)

How to prepare for my lash lift  and eyelash extensions appointment?

It’s really important that your natural lashes and eyelids are thoroughly cleansed with a mild water based cleanser. Any oil based product such as moisturizer will interfere with how well the treatments works so please DO NOT applye anything to your eyelashes or around them.

Make sure your lashes are completely dry before your appointment. Please don’t curl your lashes or wear eye make-up makeup at all. You will need to remove your contact lenses too.  Thank you!