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Vigilo et spero - my own blog!

Discussion Forums
Scriptural Discussion - great forum to discuss scriptural matters with others

Free Software
Open Office - this is a free alternative to MS Office software with components to match Microsoft's Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel and other programs. Just as professional and easy to use.
Scribus - this is a free and just as able alternative to programs such Adobe Pagemaker and Quark PageXpress for professional desktop publishing.
GIMP - an image manipulation program and alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
Inkscape - program for creating and editing SVG images

Free (Public-domain) Images & Text
Web Gallery of Art - great for finding public domain images of artworks from 1100 - 1850.
Art & the Bible - Bible themed art throughout the ages
Jewish Encyclopedia - this site contains the complete contents of the 12-volune Jewish Encyclopedia originally published between 1901 - 1906 that has recently become public domain.
Catholic Encyclopedia (1914 edition) - the public domain version of the Catholic Encyclopedia
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - texts, art and archaeology for ancient history.

The Babylonian Talmud - English translation online
The N.T. Wright Page - Articles, etc. from N.T. Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham.
Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search - immense listing of (often) free books and articles relating to the Bible available via Google Book Search.
Free Books in Biblical Studies & Related Fields - another good listing of free books related to Biblical studies.
ABZU - catalog of free books, articles and websites relating to study of the Ancient Near East.
Directory of Open Access Journals - free online scholarly journals
Biblical Studies Resources - links page maintained by Dr. Jim West
iTanakh - resources for academic study of the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures)