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Answering Critics & Skeptics
Are Jehovah's Witnesses False Prophets? - My own article.
Orthodoxy - by G. K. Chesterton (Roman Catholic). A general defense of Christianity.
The Fourth Gospel & the Doctrine of the Trinity - by J.A.T. Robinson (Anglican)

Exploring the Question of "pre-human existence" - by Patric Navas (non-trinitarian, non-JW). Examines two concepts of Jesus pre-human existence, that of a divine being (JW, Arian) versus that of a divine plan (Christadelphian, Socinian, COGAF).

The Once & Future Israel - by R. B. Yerby (Anglican), examines who is the Israel of God - spiritual or natural Jews? A PDF article hosted here.

History / Historical Context
Sketches of Jewish Social Life - by Alfred Edersheim (Anglican), looks at society in the time of Jesus. A PDF article hosted here.

Textual Criticism
The Lord and the Tetragrammaton - by Howard Mazzaferro. Extensive writing on the use of 'Jehovah' in the New Testament.

The Testimony of a Formerly Young Earth Missionary - by Dr. Joshua Zorn. This is a great short testimony that outlines the issues for Christians when it comes to young earth creation, old earth creation and evolution.
Creation, Evolution and Adam - by Anonymous. Interesting article showing link between science and old earth creationism.