When an abortion is conducted, the baby isn't just aborted out of a woman's body.

The baby is first killed to make abortion legal. Then the baby's body is aborted.

But why should a woman

have to preserve another person's life inside her own personal body?

Because she participated in the choice that made that other person have to have their personal life begin within their individual mother's body.

We can't kill someone
just because:
  • We don't know them personally;
  • We worry about their future;
  • For them to live would be uncomfortable, inconvenient or embarrassing for us--
    at least for some time;
  • We don't like their dad;
  • No one else will know;
  • A government say it's alright;
  • We're balancing it out by letting some other children live;
  • We want to  optimize money-earning;
  • Another person might get angry if we don't.

"A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body."

This right is to do what she wants TO her body. But there are things we each can & can't do TO other people WITH our bodies, whether with our hands or through our uterus.

A woman may legitimately choose a procedure for herself that may involve some cramping, pain, bleeding, and possible reproductive or other damage to her body.
But abortion encompasses a choice to hurt and destroy someone else's body. It is someone else's body that is torn, crushed, sucked or cut into pieces; or salt poisoned & its skin burned off; and then cast away.
Should a woman have the 'right' to choose that for someone else?

"It's MY baby so I should get to choose for it."

You are you. Being your mother's baby is not the foundation for your worth nor does it make her the rightul governor of your life.

Likewise, the person who is in your womb is who they are. Their primary identity is independently much more than being 'MY child.'

Each person's existence and rights are founded on and justified by their own worth and identity, not their parents' choices.

"It's my body."

Abortion laws are about stopping painful, deadly things being done to SOMEONE ELSE'S body--not just some part of your own. That distinct, separate body functions for itself. Its heart beats for itself, its blood is different from yours, it feels pain you don't feel. It houses someone who is separate from who you are.
We are innately entitled to choose how to affect our own bodies. But abortion mostly affects someone else's body that was started by & is supplied by your system--but isn't your body.


"I have the right to choose."

Is it logical for the choice to kill your own body be illegal, yet the choice to kill someone else's be legal as long as you have it inside yours?
Why should where a person's body is temporarily located make it acceptable to serve them with death?

"It's between a woman & her doctor."

Other people should not be assigned authority to decide if someone should *live or die* when the person is innocent & has not given consent.