-Mar, 2019: Good News! Our work on self-healing fluoropolymer accepted in Polym. Chem....Read more 
-Mar, 2019: Arif received ACS Langmuir Best Poster Award. Congratulations!...Read more 
-Mar, 2019: Dr. Banerjee received SERB-Early Career Research Award project. Congratulations!.
-Jan, 2019: Dr. Banerjee selected for the prestigious "Polymer Chemistry Emerging Investigators 2020". Congratulations!...Read more
-Sep, 2018: Shashikant received 2nd prize in Poster Competition. Congratulations! ..Read more. 
-Sep, 2018: Good News! Our work on emulsion polymerization of vinylidene fluoride accepted in Chem. Commun...Read more 
-Jul, 2018: Mr. Arif joined SB group as a PhD student. Welcome!
-Jun, 2018: Good News! Our work on RAFT-synthesis of flurinated copolymer accepted in Polym. Chem. 
-April, 2018: Good News! Our work on synthesis of a sequence defined alternating copolymer accepted in Eur. Polym. J. 
-Feb, 2018: Good News! Our work on synthesis of a specialty polymer, poly(trifluoroethylene), mediated by an innovative persistent radical accepted in Polym. Chem. 
-Jan, 2018: Great News! Our work on organometallic-mediated radical polymerization of vinyledene difluoride (VDF) accepted in Angewandte Chemie
-Dec, 2017: Mr. Shashsikant joined SB group as a PhD student. Welcome!
-Nov, 2017: SB group moved to IIT Bhilai from CSIR-NIIST.
-Dec, 2016: Dr. Banerjee awarded prestigious Ramanujan Fellowship. Congratulations!

Dr. Sanjib Banerjee
                    Principal Investigator 

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry, IIT Bhilai

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Area of Research Interests:
The main research focus of our young and energetic group is on functional polymer synthesis, surface chemistry, nanomaterials and materials science. Synthetically we are utilizing numerous modern polymerization techniques in combination with the  post-polymerization modification techniques to prepare polymer based advanced materials for emerging applications. With the development of a powerful synthetic toolbox, we are extending and pushing the current limits of polymer chemistry. Our work involves material design, molecular characterization and prototype device fabrication. 
Extensive research is done in the field of carbon capture and recycling, biodegradable polymers and multi-stimuli responsive polymer for biomedical applications.
Sounds interesting? Explore our research areas and get in touch with us.

For Prospective Students: We are constantly seeking for BSc and MSc students and highly motivated post-doc candidates who are interested in the interdisciplinary areas of polymer chemistry and materials science. Students interested are encouraged to apply. Please have a look at the "Open Position" link . Furthermore, we are offering positions for internships, wherein prospective students will work closely together with a group member.

If you want to join a thriving team, feel free to contact the Principal Investigator Dr. Sanjib Banerjee (email: