Learn to Play Program

Softball Canada introduced the Learn to Play program as a new initiative to try to increase the fun in our sport for the younger ages. The program as provided by Softball Canada is very exciting on a number of different fronts. As with any new program there are also some misconceptions, that we feel must be addressed. View Royal Fastball will run their LTP program in the following manner:

U6 – ages 4 and 5.

Previously this was a t-ball program that included one practice and one game per week. In 2005 our Peanuts program will follow the Learn To Play Level 1. In Level 1 a coach is provided with a complete set of practice plans for the whole year. The practices are structured to give each player more “touches” on the ball/bat and will result in greater skill development. More importantly the practices are interesting and a lot more fun for our youngest players. The program does not make provisions for game but VRFBA will run a Jamboree in June during the season.

U8 - ages 6 and 7.

These teams will follow the practice plans provided by Learn to Play Level 2. The lesson plans are structured to provide a skill progression as the season progresses. Additionally the teams will begin to play games against other teams. The structure of the games will be that there is a 30-minute practice followed by a 45-minute game. These games will be scheduled against teams from other parks.

U10 – ages 8 and 9.

VRFBA will be implementing LTP Level 3 in this group. The only real change is that the practices are provided in the booklet so that coaches do not need as much preparation time, their lessons are laid out for them. . The practices continue with the same skill progression that was implemented in Levels 1 and 2. Furthermore we anticipate that the practices will continue to be more fun based skill development. These teams will have regularly scheduled games against teams from other parks.
Eric Solomon,
Feb 7, 2010, 8:12 PM