Registration - 2019

Registration - 2019
We have a couple of ways that you can register for the upcoming season.  Keep in mind that we may not be able to accommodate late registrations.  We must declare COMPLETE teams to SVI (our governing body for league play) by the first week of March. This allows them to plan "League Play". Last year a whole team was left out of the league and had to attempt to schedule exhibition games in place of a real season. So, please register early. 

Online Registration:  to access the "Teamsnap" Registration page

Mail in Registration: Print off registration form below and mail it with your 3 cheques (player fees U6 & U8 $35: U10-U16 $150; U19 $160, concession deposit $100 and uniform deposit $100), a photo copy of your child's birth certificate and with their medical number.  Mail completed form to:

View Royal Fastball Association
Box 189
110-174 Wilson Street,
Victoria, B.C. 
V9A 7N7

If you require Financial Assistance please refer to the following 2 websites.

Kidsport at
click on Find a Chapter (just under British Columbia), then Greater Victoria, then apply for assistance
Jumpstart at click on apply button (top right)
For more info   Bud Ridout:  or Andrea Hall:
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