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Park Maintenance

Park Security: If you are the last one out of the park remember to check all the clubhouse and bathroom doors and all gates. Do not assume someone else will do this! Don't forget that the main equipment room and all three sheds must be closed and locked! We have had several complaints from the town. We don't want a coach to lose key privileges!

Field Maintenance:

We need to look after our investment. Please follow these rules or risk practice privileges being revoked.

Golf Carts

We have a cart in the lower shed by clubhouse and one in the D4 shed.

- Please drive along the perimeter of the park not across the outfield.
- Don’t drive on the newly seeded areas, go around behind the backstop
- DO NOT drag over home plate, the pitching rubber, or the base plugs….rake these areas by hand.
- Rake the material in from the fence and the outfield line before going around with the cart
- Start on the outside and work towards the middle (though every now and then do it from the middle out)
- Fill in the batters box area & pitching area and tamp it down with the rake.  Putting water down to will also help. 
- Put the mat, rakes etc in the appropriate marked area in the cart.
- Make sure the mat is rolled up tight starting from the back.
- The wide rake must fit inside the bucket that holds the bottom otherwise it will hit the door going into the shed.

Coaches remind your batters NOT dig trenches in the batters box.  Some players make a habit out of doing this and all it's doing is batting from an uneven plane


As the weather gets warmer, we will need to wet the fields before we drag them. It is CRITICAL that the sprinkler heads are NOT turned by hand. This will break the head and render it useless. The valves must be turned off all the way. On D1 it may feel like it is turned off, but it needs that extra 1/4 turn otherwise the field will be flooded the next morning.

If you notice a shed is low on lime, grab another bag from the main shed by clubhouse.  If that supply is running low please notify Tyron Miller, Cam Shot or Andrea Hall asap.  Everyone is responsible for monitoring the supply!