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Season is from April 16th to June 27th 


Concession for each team will consist of approximately one week depending on how many teams we have.  Parents should arrive from a ½ hour to 45 minutes before game time and it ends when all clean up is complete or if another team is working the next shift then the concession area should be left stocked and tidy.


1.    The Concession Coordinator (you) will be given a key from the Concession Managers or another team if shifts are on the same day and we will get the key back at the end of the allotted time. 

2.    We have instructions in the concession for what to do during a shift, this includes opening, working and cleanup.  

3.  Bob Tyler, Concession manager, will stock the concession and he will cash out at the end of the evening or next morning at the latest.   

4.    Your role is to ensure coverage for the shifts, get the parents to commit to a shift, there should be at least three parents per shift to a maximum of four.  If possible we want to know ASAP if and when a parent can and cannot work and what shift they are working.  This requires their full name and we will enter this on the calendar on the website.  You will be able to go onto the website and view the calendar if you forget when your shift is. 

5.    If a parent is not going to work a shift they need to let the coach know ASAP so Bob  can either find someone to work it or one of us will work it (if there is a team where all of the parents do not want to work any shift again Bob will find people to work the shifts  

6.    When the parents are working their shift they must sign and print their name, their child's name, the name of the coach (not the team name) and the date  

7.    It is the parent's responsibility to show up for their shift but if a parent:


·         switches their shift with another parent write a note on the sign up sheet to say who they switched with or they can email us and we can fix the calendar this will also let us know they did not miss their shift

·         misses or is unable to work their shift they can contact us to see when a shift is available and will work for them.  The parent cannot pick another shift to show up to work their concession duty, as there may be the maximum amount of parents already working 

8.    If a team has more parents than shifts then we can work out another week where there is a shift available  

9.    When a parent has worked their shift their cheque will be shredded.
10. Tournament weekends at VR are covered by a team who wants to raise money (see concession calendar)

Bob Tyler, the concession Manager, is available if you or your team would like to have a walk through of the procedures; we want the  parents to feel comfortable about working their concession shift.  Please let us know if you would like to meet at the concession to review the procedures and answer any questions.


We do not encourage your children helping during your shift but please remember if you have signed up for a shift and your child is with you during your shift please ensure your child is safe if helping in the concession. 


Any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact us at one of the above numbers or email address.  We thank you for your support with this process and helping us out for another successful concession year.