Concession Duty
Our concession is critical to our ability to continue to finance the operations of the ballpark. The revenue from the sales of food is how we pay for most of our equipment, umpires, and park up keep. All parents are required to do work a concession shift per child registered at our park. At the beginning of the season, a schedule of concession duty is created and given to the coaches.  When approached by the team coaches for the date and time you can work, please respond quickly so the slots can be filled.
Once we have received information of the parents who will be working the concession and the teams have been assigned their time the calendar will be updated.
Written procedures are available in the concession and we are also available for questions or would be happy to meet with the parents on the team at the concession to go over the procedures.
We are looking for volunteers to work in the concession for a tournament and if you would like this opportunity please contact us.  
Thank you,
Don and Liz

Here is the park concession calendar

View Royal Fastball - Concession Calendar

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