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Victoria Devils

The Victoria Fastball Club (Devils) original two teams came from the View Royal Ballpark - 90A Devils and 94A Devils. These two teams played "B" as View Royal teams until they realized that they needed to challenge their players at a higher level. Since that time the Devils have grown to a full program (Squirt thru Midgets) and have won several medals at Provincials and Nationals.
The Devils are working to establish a home park for their program but this takes time. Until then their teams play out of "host" associations. In 2011 host parks are Lakehill (Squirt 99), Oak Bay (Peewee 98), View Royal (Peewee 97 and Squirt 00), Cordova Bay (Bantam 96), Langford (Bantam 95) and Hyacinth (Midget 94 and Midget 93). View Royal has always hosted a Devils team. Over the years this has varied from Squirt thru Midget. For 2011 it will be a Peewee team (97 birth year) coached by Norm Johnson and a Squirt team coached by Chris Vanier. These teams operate completely in the View Royal program, taking field duties, selling raffle tickets and working the concession.
The relationship is very beneficial to View Royal. The Devils have hosted clinics, contributed money, trained coaches and provided revenue generating opportunities that would not have been there for View Royal Fastball. A few examples:
                Canadian National Team held a clinic at our park
                Fall Ball - a cooperative venture that provides $3-4,000 profit to our concession each year
                Golf Cart - the Devils purchased our first golf cart
                 Provincials - in 2010 we will host the third "A" Provincial Championship at View Royal. View Royal derives all of the concession revenue from this event.
                 Nationals - in 2010 we hosted the Bantam A National Championship with teams coming from all across Canada. This is an economic boom for the local hotels and restaurants. As well it has allowed View Royal to access funding that has allowed the park to be upgraded with new fencing, relevelled outfields  and new sprinkler systems. And all of the concession revenue goes to our park.
In the year 2010 we have estimated that the Devils created about $ 10,000 in additional revenue for our park.