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Making a Lineup Card

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Unlimited Substitution - list all of your players on the lineup card, in any order you want. Fill in their first name, last name, uniform number and position. This is your batting order for the whole game. If a player bats out of order they may be called out.


Bat Nine Play Nine – list nine of your players (Starters) in the first nine spots on the lineup card. List your remaining players (Subs) on the bottom in the area designated for subs. For the Starters list full name, number and position. For the Subs list full name and number.

Halfway through the game – go to the umpire and substitute a Sub for a Starter (ie. #8 for #4). Cross #4 off with a single line, add #8 in the space below #4. So in your batting order #8 is now batting where #4 was. They do not have to play the same defensive position. For example you may want to take your pitcher out but she is a good hitter. You sub in your new pitcher for your left fielder, then move the old pitcher to left field. 

It is best if you have this mapped out ahead of time so you know where the players are going defensively and who is going in for whom.


Bat Nine Play Nine  Re-Entry – same as above. But , you can re-enter a Starter for the same Sub that went in for her. So using the example above #4 could go back in for #8. Make sure you cross off #8 (the Sub) as she is now ineligible to go back into the game. 

You cannot leave the Sub in the game (ie in another position). #4 and #8 are linked once you make the first substitution, they cannot be in the game at the same time. This also means that #4 cannot go back into the batting order for another player, she can only go in for #8.


Flex DP – Bat Nine Play Ten – this lineup combination works well if you have a good fielder who is a weak batter or if you only have one pitcher and want to keep her fresh.

Your DP is the player that will bat only, put them in as a Starter in one of the top nine spots on the lineup card. For her position put “DP”

Your Flex  will play defense only and her name goes on the lineup card in position #10 – beside her name write the word FLEX.

Subsitutions are made just like the bat nine play nine scenario. Just remember you must treat #10 (Flex) as a Starter. She cannot come out of the game and then go back into a different position in the batting order.


Flex DP – Bat Nine Play Ten -  same as above HOWEVER you can put your DP on the field for any player EXCEPT the Flex. So your DP and Flex can play defense together, but they can never play offense together. This is not a substitution, but you should tell the umpire you are doing it just to ensure he/she knows the rule. A lot don’t.

This is particularily powerful if you have a pitcher who hits well but is not your starter. You keep her bat in the lineup and she can warm up pitching when your team is in the field (she is your DP). At any point in the game she can take your starting pitcher out – and pitch. The starting pitcher is on the bench but is still able to bat – she keeps her same spot in the batting order. The only thing to be careful of here is that if you put your DP into the game defensively for the Flex then that is a proper sub and needs to be reported to the umpire. You can pull the DP – thereby re-establishing the Flex one time (same as a Starter coming back into the game for a Sub).


·         There are lots of variations beyond what is written above. As you learn the rules you may be able to use them. However don’t make any substitutions that you don’t fully understand. The consequences of making a mistake are disastrous –both the player and the coach are ejected from the game.

·         Do not ask an umpire if you have done the sub correctly, they are not there to teach and they also do not want the liability of having told you something wrong

·         Several umpires are confused by the DP/Flex rule. If the umpire makes a ruling and you are sure you are right (and the game is important) then just tell him “I protest your decision as you have wrongly applied the rule “.  Hopefully by getting senior people involved (the Protest Committee) the judgement will go in your favour. The only “protestable” games that you play will be in Districts and Provincials.