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Forms and Procedures

Yes there is paperwork!   Don't let a clerical error screw up your post season play!
Start of Season
Each team must complete a Team Registration certificate for SBBC (aka CASA, or Goldenrod).   You must have all players and parents sign.  Registrar will give to the coach and you must complete before May 15th and return to your association Registrar.    Make sure you get a copy of all your players birth certificates and keep your score books as you will need to prove age and that your player played for you during the year. (This is needed at districts and provincials)   Go to and print out your NCCP certification or make a copy of your coaching card.  When the District coordinator has signed the Team registration and returned the pink copy, make sure you don't lose it. You need it in the post season.
Each team must complete a 'District 1 Notice of intent to participate in Districts and Provincials' form and sign it. Registrar will give to coach and you must  complete by May 15th and return to Registrar.
If you are a 'B' Team and if your division has a Western Canadian championship (usually Bantam ages and above) , you must complete a SBBC 'Letter of Intent to participate at Westerns' form and send the signed form and performance bond to SBBC before June 1st.  Click here for the form.  If you fail to submit this on time and you win provinicials SBBC won't let you participate at the Westerns.   Check the Softball BC championship link to determine if your division has a Westerns Championship.
Bring your CASA, birth docs and NCCP levels to the District tournament as they are usually checked by other teams who want to disqualify you on a technicality!
If you are first at Districts (and sometimes second place depending on pro rata for the league throughout the province) - Welcome to Provincials.  You should receive a package with contact information for the tournament director.  Contact the tournament director right away.  Let the Registrar and President know you've made it and make sure they send the tournament entry fee to the host association.  You will need to submit a team photo for the program, and usually will be asked about clothing orders.  It is a good idea to gather pins to trade with other teams.
You are allowed up to 3 pickups from teams registered across your division or from a lower division (e.g. a 'B' team can pick up a 'C' player, but an 'A' player can't drop down to 'B')  Pickups can be players or coaches.   Your total roster can't exceed 17 players and 4 coaches.  Usually you will try to pick up pitchers or players to strengthen the team.  You MUST ask the head coach for permission, get a copy of the CASA (team registration) and a copy of their birth certificates.  You will also need scorebooks for 3 games to prove they played.
If you win or place at provincials, same paperwork as provincials plus additional paperwork from the District Coordinator.