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Coaches Manual

Welcome to all of the new coaches and thanks to all of you returning coaches.  We truly cannot do this without all of you.  Coaching a fastball team takes a lot of time, organization and sacrifices but in the end, we all think it is worth it. 

For any new coaches, you must fill out and drop off a Criminal Record Check at the local police station (RCMP in Langford).  For returning coaches, we are not asking you to do this every year.
Every team needs to have representatives at the monthly park meetings.  We suggest you find a parent to attend.  This is important to keep each team informed about park activities and to strengthen the volunteer base so one group of parents isn't forced to run the whole show.
The pages (links below) are an outline of procedures within our organization.  We hope this will help all of you during the season.  If there is anything you are unsure of, please do not hesitate to call one of the members of the Executive or one of the more senior coaches. 
Coaches are encouraged to take the coaching clinics that are available (see NCCP Link).  The association will reimburse tuition costs for these clinics.  Coaching clinics are often held and are posted on the SVI and View Royal Fastball websites.

The one thing we recommend to all of you is ‘don’t do it all by yourself!’  Use your parents for managers, assistant coaches, helpers, concession or fundraising coordinators.  This will make everything go a lot smoother for you.

Remember to treat your players with respect and coach with encouragement and positive reinforcement.  So again, on behalf of all of players of VRFB, thank you for stepping up to the plate!

VRFA Executive