Literature Review by Kerry Boyde-Preece

This paper was not my first choice for review.  I was originally looking for a paper related to the pedagogy of Moodle and the inter-relationship with Instructional Design.  I was looking for a paper that researched the efficacy of a course designed for high school students.  I thought this would be highly beneficial now that I am creating my own Moodle course, however much of what I found related to higher education in the United States or at University level.  The papers I considered were; 

Masterman, E., Jameson, J., Walker, S.,2009
Capturing teachers’ experience of learning design through case studies
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Distance Education Aug 2009, 30, 2; ProQuest pg. 223

Elias, T., 2010
Universal Instructional Design Principles for Moodle
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, ISN: 1492-3831, Volume 11, Number 2. May – 2010

Florian, T., 2010 
Confidence-Based Assessment in Moodle: Insights from Teachers, Administrators and Programmers
Walden University

Vannoy, K.E.H., Ph.D,2008
Instructional Design Using Course Management Systems 
Capella University, 2008,

Antonenko, P., Toy, S., Niederhauser, D.,
Modula Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment: What Open Source Has to Offer
Iowa State University

I then began looking into papers that integrated social media to reach students in a medium that they were more comfortable with.  I was also interested in a comparison between a structured Moodle environment and the more fluid nature of developing one’s own personal network.  I finally settled on this paper by Robert Miller;

Miller, Robert, D., 2009
Developing 21st century skills through the use of student personal learning networks
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses;2009; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I, UMI Number:3383118