Intro to Museum Work course

Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri offered a new course Fall 2013. Taught by National Churchill Museum staff, "Introduction to Museum Work" offered students a chance to experience life working in museums. Two field trips, hands-on activities, and a lot of reading later, the students created an online exhibit as their final project.

The topic chosen for the online exhibit was "Everyday Life in Victorian Britain." Students were responsible for researching a particular topic. They also chose a specific museum role to take on during the project. The roles were Exhibit Designers, Curators, Educators, Development, and Social Media/Marketing.

What you will view in the accompanying pages is pure student creation, completed in only two months.

Fall 2013 "Intro" students
Mercedez Clewis
Sarah Eshleman
Alex Happell
Nick Lambing
Kyla Li
Paul Sterner
Cody Tilley
Bridget Watkins