Visualizing the 2010/2011 Canterbury/Christchurch earthquakes


Using data from the Geonet website, the following Google Earth (kml) files show the earthquakes occuring in Canterbury since the big one in September 2010.  Opening the file in Google Earth will show earthquake depth as height above ground, earthquake magnitude as icon colour and size.  The time slider can be used to provide animation of earthquakes over time.  Tilt and pan give good views of the location of the earthquake hypocenters in 3 dimensions.  Data from the Geonet website courtesy of GNS Science, NZ.

This link contains the earthquakes following the Feb 22nd aftershock through to Feb 27th.

The link below contains the full earthquake set from the initial September earthquake through to 28th Feb 2011.

The following 2 kml files show all earthquakes from Sep 2010 to Feb 28 2011 with the deep hypocenters below and east of the Feb 22nd aftershock under Banks Peninsular, deeper than 16km, highlighted (in white).  The second file shows the hypocenters projected to ground level so their actual location is easier to see.  "Deep spur" is a reference to the way the deep hypocenters under Banks Peninsular appeared to form a spur coming off the end of the main hypocenter cluster when the depths are scaled 10x (in the first KML file below).  When the depths are unscaled (in the second KML file below with extrusions), the "spur" appears less tightly clustered.

Clicking on the links will download a kml file which can be opened in Google Earth by double clicking on the downloaded file.  The video below shows how the kml data can be manipulated in Google Earth.

YouTube Video