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Printing, Framing & other services

Pro-quality Printing and Mounting/Framing

L'Atelier Weber
Chaussée de Wavre, 613
1040 Brussels
Tel: + 32.2.649.77.33
Fax: + 32.2.648.40.59

Sadocolor Mounting
14-20 Rue Gen.Tombeurstraat
1040 Brussels
Tel: + 32.2.735.33.05
Fax: + 32.2.735.39.00

AUTHENTIC Visual Communication
Sint Bernardusstraat 9
1060 Brussels
Tel: + 32.2.542.87.78
Fax: + 32.2.542.87.90

Photo prints at HEMA. Strange to see a chain store in this list, but HEMA offer a useful photo print service. The quality of the larger print sizes is generally good and the prices 'democratic'. HEMA can be found in all main town shopping centres (Leuven, rue Neuve / Nieuwstraat in Brussels, ...). Check their web site for addresses:

WeCreate Studios

High quality IT solutions and innovative web design with flexible prices.

Tel.  +32 493 19 74 24

ASAP Print

Ch. De Waterloo, 1111
1180 Brussels
Tel: 02 375 08 68

J.J Micheli
Rue de Tervaetestraat, 21-231040 Bruxelles-Brussel

Tel:  02/733.21.85
Fax:  02/733.38.72

Quality Lab
rue de l' Eglise/kerstraat, 104
1150 Stokkel
(near Place Dumond & metro)
Tel: 02 772 75 13

PICTRO. This is a chain of shops at several places in and around Brussels offering "Elka print" and various other photo services. The one in Stokkel is reputedly very good. for the one nearest you.

Fine-art digital printing: Printz.
Past judge, presenter and friend of the club, Stephen Sack, is opening his large-format digital printing service for fine-art photography to outside customers. Please contact Stephen at


Here are two links for services in Belgium who can digitize prints, negatives, slides or even cine-films:


There are many photography equipment shops in Brussels in addition to the large chain stores, but we still often get asked... We don't endorse any supplier, but here are some names of a few we've tried - a google search will yield contact details and maps.

Foto GUY: Rue de Flandre 43, 1000 Bruxelles

Photo Cine House: (PCH) in 1000 Brussels, on rue Midi near Place Rouppe is well stocked and has friendly and professional service.

Campion: Rue Saint-Boniface 13, 1050 Ixelles

Photo GalerieAvenue des Celtes 3-5. B-1040 Bruxelles Tel : 02 733 74 88

Foto BERT: in Stokkel and Tervuren.

Photo Retouching

"Pearls of the Web" offer a photo re-touching service, in addition to web design.