Helps on line

If you are reading this site you will know about the Internet. A good starting point is to join in with your local Astronomical Society. My local club is on line at and there are many similar groups elsewhere.

Its important to gather basic knowledge and understand terminology. Don't be afraid to talk about what you don't know or understand. .

If you are someone who would enjoy a little extra information and entertainment with your Astronomy, you cant go wrong checking out “Astronomy FM” an internet based radio broadcast from the United States. Its on line 24x7 at

I have found this site worthwhile There are many very sound groups worth consideration. Its good to build up your own list of helpful web sites which you trust. Here is a web site you might enjoy with good "Planet" information

Here are some contacts which may be of interest:-

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (RASNZ)

New Zealand's National Astronomical Society


One Minute Astronomer

Basic Astronomy for Busy People



News and Information about the Sun-Earth environment



Astronomy Weather Forecasts



Free Planetarium Program



Wellington Astronomical Society

Phoenix Astronomical Society

Auckland Astronomical Society

Hamilton Astronomical Society

Canterbury Astronomical Society