Súp Hến Nấu Tỏi và Bơ (Clams in Butter and Garlic Broth)

RECIPE: Clam in Butter and Garlic Broth



About 4 lbs Clams (I usually get fresh clams at Costco)

1/2 stick Butter

1 whole Garlic, finely chopped

About 5-6 Mushrooms

2 tablespoons Hon-Dashi Stock (available at most Asian supermarkets)

A few stalks of Green Onion, chopped

4 cups Water



Preparing Clams

Soak clams and rinse it a few times until the water is clear and there's no sand residue. Then set aside.


Preparing Mushroom

Chop mushrooms into small pieces, set aside.


Cooking Clams

Sautee garlic and butter until fragrant.  

Add mushroom and give it a stir.  

Add water and bring it to a boil. Then add hon-dashi and give it a stir. 

Add clams and bring it to a boil again.  Turn the heat off and add spring onion. 

Enjoy clams while they are still steaming.