Đậu Hũ Dâu Tây (Strawberry with Soft Silken Tofu in Yuzu Dressing)


1 block of soft silken tofu, available at Costco

a few fresh strawberries

shiso leaves, available at Japanese or Korean market

yuzu citrus dressing

crunchy garlic in chili oil sauce




Preparing Strawberries

Cut strawberries in any shapes you prefer.  I cut mine in heart-and flower shapes.  Set aside.


Preparing Tofu

Cut tofu in half.  Cut each half into squared slices.


Preparing Shiso Leaves

Cut shiso leaves in half.  Cut leaves the same size as tofu pieces. 


Assembling Strawberry Tofu

Gently stack together a piece of shiso leaf between the tofu and strawberry.

Garnish tofu with crunchy garlic chili oil.

Gently pour the yuzu sauce on the bottom of the tofu.  Add a few drops of chili oil onto the sauce. 



Scoop up each piece of tofu with the strawberry and some sauce with a spoon and enjoy.

Eat well.  Stay healthy.