Bánh Tằm Khoai Mì (Cassava Silkworm Cake)

RECIPE: Cassava Silkworm Cake



(16 oz) bag frozen grated cassava

2 tablespoons Tapioca Flour

1/2 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Coconut Milk 

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1 bag Vanilla Sugar or 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Powder

1/2 (16 oz) bag of Grated Coconut


For Roasted Sesame Seeds Mixture

6 tablepoons Roasted Sesame Seeds 
Roasted Peanuts, optional
1 teaspoon Salt
4 tablespoons Sugar



Preparing Grated Coconut

Steam grated coconut for about 5 minutes.  Set aside to cool.


Preparing Roasted Sesame Seeds

Slightly crush the roasted sesame seeds or roasted peanuts or both in a mortar with a pestle to release the nutty aroma of sesame seeds or roasted peanuts then mix with salt and sugar.  You can also place sesame seeds in a ziploc and slightly crush it.  Set aside.


Preparing Cassava

Squeeze cassava with both hands until the liquid stops coming out.  

In a bowl, add in cassava, tapioca flour, sugar, salt, vanilla and coconut milk.  Stir until the batter is well blended. 

If add food colors, divide the cassava mixture into small bowls. The numbers of bowls depend on how many colors you choose.   For 1 bag of frozen cassava, I use 2 of the 9 inch pans.  You can use one color per pan.

For green, I prefer to use pandan paste which has a nice sweet and unique aroma instead green food color.

 Pour cassava mixture into 2 cake pans.

Give it a shake to even out the mixture.


Steaming Cassava Cake 

Bring the water in a steamer to a boil.  Steam on medium high for about 8 minutes or until cassava becomes transparent.  Let it cool before cutting.


Cutting the Cake

Cut the cassava cake into thin strips and roll them in the grated coconut.



Serve cassava silkworm with roasted sesame seeds mixture.