Tham Gia Trật Tự/ Maintain Security

Trường Hồng Bàng kêu gọi Phụ Huynh tham gia vào việc giữ gìn an ninh trật tự cho các con em trong giờ học và giờ ra chơi.

Parent of students attending Hong Bang will have to sign up for recess patrol. The school will need your help as follows:

Time : 1:15pm - 2:15PM:
  • -Help set up snack tables in the cafeteria room, along with set out snacks for each class
  • -Patrol playground recess and make sure that students don't run, jump from stairway, yelling.
  • -Remind students not to littering around the common area and school play ground
  • -Clean up after snack time and help restack all chairs and table.