Operation Rolling Thunder


    Operation Rolling Thunder was eight years in which the North Vietnamese survived incessant bombings from the United States. The goal of Operation Tolling Thunder was that it would weaken and punish the North Vietnamese. President Johnson initiated to punish them because of the support that the Viet Cong gave. Once the bombing began on February 24 1965, it escalated in amount and force everyday constantly. But as the Americans would attack them, the Viet Cong would explode bombs in their bases and in the cities killing soldiers and innocent civilians alike. 

    Despite the fact that by 1965, the bombings were constant, the United States Air Force was restricted as to what it could bomb. The American Air Force would bomb mainly supply lines and different military objectives. These rules were made to prevent the intervention of the Soviet Union and the Chinese. As mentioned before, the North would attack the US bases. This compelled General Westmoreland that he needed more troops if America wanted an opportunity to win the war. President Johnson would then send 3,500 Marines to the current 23,000 troops. 

    As the bomb raids wanted to destroy the morale of the North, it took a different effect. People in the North became more unified and inspired to fight the Americans. Those who would not be accepted to the army would learn how to fire a surface to air missile. These missiles were all over the North waiting for American pilots to fly over. The United States had a problem to defend them. The pilots decided to fly low to not allow time for the missiles to lock on them. But a problem emerged from this idea; the North built more anti-aircraft missiles.

    Operation Rolling Thunder saw its end when President Johnson used it to have a stronghold on the negotiation table. Peace talks began in January 1969 after two month of the order of the end of Operation Rolling Thunder.


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