Welcome to the Vietnamese Grammar Project (online), now officially based at Konan University (Kobe, Japan).

The goal of this project is to present an accurate and maximally detailed description of all aspects of Vietnamese grammar, with a focus on syntax and semantics, and especially on (what has been termed) the 'syntax-semantics interface.'

There are two main aspects, or components, to this research. First, there is a purely descriptive component, which attempts to describe the principal grammatical characteristics of spoken Vietnamese, and to point out the most important areas of dialect and/or register variation. Second, there is a more theoretically-oriented component, which examines the ways in which the study of Vietnamese grammar can contribute to more general understanding of universal properties of language; conversely, how the application of general theoretical heuristics can lead to a better understanding of the (sometimes quirky) details of Vietnamese syntax.

If you would like further information about this research, please contact me: Nigel Duffield (duffield "at" center "dot" konan-u.ac.jp; please put VGP in the subject header)

Note that there is a discussion blog related to this site.

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