As part of our mission to mentor and encourage youths to enter professional careers, VAPW will begin a mentoring program with the goal of guiding and motivating students to succeed in high school and beyond.  VAPW aims to connect our mentees with role models and the resources to support their academic journey, and to encourage them in their career exploration and community engagement. Our mentoring families will include professionals, college students as well as high school students. 

Selection of high school sophomores will begin in 2018 for this 3-year program to nuture the students. Upon completion of each year, each student will receive $500 set aside toward their college fund.

Primary goal for each year is to assist, encourage and support mentees as follows:
Sophomore year: to expose mentees to the different options for colleges and careers
Junior year:  to prepare mentees for college application process
Senior year: to assist mentee with college applications and decisions


January                    Introduction mixer
March                      Tet community service event
April                        VAPW 10th Anniversary Scholarship Dinner
June                        Career panel and company visits
October                   College visit
December                Holiday Mixer