Past Scholarship Recipients

2009 Recipient
Thoa Hoang
  • Attended Piedmont Hills High School.
  • Finished transfer requirements at DeAnza College and currently attending Foothill College while applying to UC Berkeley. I intend to obtain a Business degree.
  • Currently working at Working Partnership promoting supports for working families.
  • Also volunteer at the International Rescue Committee working with refugee resettlement.
  • The VAPW scholarship allowed me to attend college without the thoughts of burdening my parents.  It gave me the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities instead of working during my first year at De Anza. The scholarship connected me to independent working women and gave a sense of support that I never knew I had.

2010 Recipient
Jenny Ngo  
  • Attended Yerba Buena High School in San Jose, CA.
  • As of 2011-12, I am a sophomore at University of the Pacific in the Pre-Pharmacy program with an Economics major in the Social Science track and will be graduating early in May 2013 and advancing to University of the Pacific's Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy in August 2013. I also recently pledged for a professional pharmacy fraternity (Rho Pi Phi) and a community service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega).
  • The VAPW Scholarship made a great difference in my college experience because without it, I wouldn't have had the chance to pledge for two fraternity due to the high membership/pledging dues, as well as paying for textbooks and other necessities because my financial aid is barely enough to cover my tuition and housing.

2011 Recipient
Phung Le    
  • Attended Piedmont Hills High School.
  • I'm currently at De Anza college and want to transfer to UC Berkeley, I'm taking 20 units this quarter and I continue to volunteer to teach Vietnamese to children at chùa Thích Ca Đa Bo (Thich Ca Da Bao Buddhist Temple).
  • The VAPW scholarship has been really helpful and meaningful to me because it helps me pay for the books while EOPS cannot cover all of it and the rest of the money helped my family's living situation when my dad was laid off and my mom cannot work due to her health.