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 About The Builder

Over the past 12 years I have enjoyed the art of wood working and furniture making. I started like many by tinkering in the shop making small projects for friends and family. I host weekly shop nights with good friends where we take turns making projects for each other. I continue to learn with each project I do. Even though furniture making in not what I do for a living it is something I love to do. This is why I have decided to offer my services to build you a quality piece of furniture for a very affordable price. All of my projects are made of solid wood, no short cuts, and built to last for generations. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Visit my GALLERY to see a few examples of my work. I offer free consultations on any PROJECTS you have.  Please contact me at ViethCstmFurniture@gmail.com before paying too much at the big furniture stores.

I offer shop nights by appointment where you can work on your own project(s) and have full access to tools you may not have. Visit my SHOP NIGHT page for more details. I also offer a few REPAIR SERVICES for local residence in and surrounding Edwardsville IL. Or just follow my ANNOUNCEMENTS for current projects in progress; this is a way to check on the progress of your project at all times.  I have already had a chance to work with some very wonderful people.  

I hope to work with your next.


Paul Vieth

Edwardsville, IL 

My Definition of 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you don’t feel 100% confident in recommending me to your best friend or family member I have failed.  

My goal is to make you satisfied with your entire experience. Prior to every project I will meet with you and discuss exactly what you want. What materials you would like to use and discuss finish options. I will answer any and all questions.  The only thing I can’t guarantee is an exact color match of an existing store bought furniture. I wish I could but, factory finishes are next to impossible to duplicate.  In most cases I will ask you to choose a stain or finish from a sample pamphlet. These can be found at any local paint or hardware store. I can also provide custom samples mixed from various wood dyes.

To help provide the best experience I’m a true believer in keeping you involved throughout the entire building and finishing process. I post updates of each project on my announcement page often. If I have any concerns with a design I will stop and call or email. You are welcome to contact me at any time throughout the build.        

I have enjoyed meeting each person I have worked with so far.

I hope to meet you soon.

Thank you!!

Upcoming projects scheduled over the next few months in order:

King Size Bed (Heather)

Entertainment center (Heather)

End Tables (Jana)

Deposit not needed to get on the list, but please contact me so I can get you on the list.

823 Grand Ave