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If you have found this site, it is the first step towards working together in order to communicate important events going on in the classroom this school year.  This site has been developed to enhance communication between home and school. It is my goal to provide students and parents with the support necessary to allow for all of my students to be successful in class.  As you explore the website, please notice the opportunities available to you; there are links to sites used regularly, as well as email correspondence opportunities.  Please visit the site often to help in answering questions about assignments, procedures, curriculum, as well as contact information. 

As we enter into this school year, we will continue to adjust to the many demands of the Common Core Standards.   I am looking forward to incorporating innovative ideas into the classroom and encouraging students to become active participants in their learning.  The overall goal of my class will be to successfully prepare eighth graders for the rigor of high school and my seventh graders for the rigor of 8th grade.
I look forward to incorporating technology on many levels throughout the school year, and engaging students in an amazing literature experiences.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Together we will be successful!
Let's have an incredible school year!

Mrs. Viens
Email Ms. Viens - kristine_viens@hcpss.org