Yan Huang


Mr. Yan Huang was born in Beijing in 1980. Yan attended Imperial College London in 2003 for graduate studies, pursuing his interests in electronics and bioengineering. He achieved his MSc degree in Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuits Design with the honor of DISTINCTION. His MSc project was entitles "An Analogue VLSI Cochlea with Distributed AGC" (Surpervised by Dr. E. M. Drakakis). Yan joined the Bio-inspired VLSI Circuits and Systems Group in 2004, pursuing his PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. C. Toumazou (Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. E. M. Drakakis. He is currently working on a three-year project of "Retinal Prosthesis: an non-invasive system for stimulating RGCs". His research interests include bio-inspired signal processing, high performance analouge integrated circuits and filters, mixed-signal integrated circuits and optoelectronics.