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Fall 2014

Deadline: Feb 27

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Why should you spend Fall Semester in Vienna?

There are many answers: You could complete your general education requirements, finish a minor, graduate early, learn German, strengthen your resume and improve job prospects, or complete research that will help you qualify for a good graduate program ...

But most importantly: Life is different in Vienna.

Music, art, and history are not merely something that you read about. They are the main point of Viennese conversations, arguments, and obsessions. In the Fall semester of 2014, we invite you to come and take part in the conversation.

You will be taking courses in many different places in Vienna: in the ornate formal rooms of a palatial building across from the Opera House, in the daring modern galleries of the Leopold Museum, between the close-packed food stalls of the Naschmarkt, and in the dark, forgotten Gothic streets of the old city.

Our focus on the Habsburg Empire will also take us to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. This trip will be the highlight of your undergraduate experience!


2 September–29 November 2014

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