BYU Vienna Internships and Study Abroad 2018


Internship and Study Abroad Program

“Vienna isn’t just a city, it is music that you carry forever in your soul.”  —Sándor Márai


What if you could go on study abroad an complete an internship at the same time?  What if you could get work experience in Vienna and still have time to take classes and travel to other countries? It’s possible in Vienna Fall 2016!

Why Vienna? Vienna is more than stunning art, world-class music, and beautiful narrow alleyways: it is home to some of Europe’s most important business and diplomatic institutions.  Our 2016 Vienna Study Abroad/Internship program is designed to show you both sides of the city:  You will surround yourself with Vienna’s culture, music, museums, and cafés, and, if you choose, you can work part-time as an intern in an Austrian firm, a school, a Viennese museum, or a local business.

As one of Europe’s most vibrant and economically well-connected capitals, Vienna is small enough to feel intimate but a large enough player to provide you with world-class opportunities. You will be living with host families, learning German, history, and culture, and gaining real-life job experience in your internship.  We will take time off to enjoy green Alpine valleys and the Baroque masterpiece of Salzburg in the timeless beauty of Hallstatt. Then we will venture out beyond Austria’s boarders to visit Italy, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Vienna is one of the major crossroads of Europe and a thousand different adventures start in the heart of this city. Come explore with us in the fall of 2016 and let Vienna change your perspective forever. 


Tentative dates: May-June 2018

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