BYU Vienna Study Abroad

Vienna and the Alps 

Study Abroad/Internship Program

Spring and Summer 2015

Life is different in Vienna.

Music, art, and history are not merely something that you read about. They are the main point of Viennese conversations, arguments, and obsessions. In the Spring and Summer Terms of 2014, we invite you to come and take part in the conversation.

You will be taking courses in many different places in Vienna: in the ornate formal rooms of a palatial building across from the Opera House, in the daring modern galleries of the Leopold Museum, and in the dark, forgotten Gothic streets of the old city.

And, for the first time, some of our BYU Vienna Study Abroad students will have the opportunity to participate in internships!

Imagine working with at-risk kids at the KinderUni Wien, or going to work in an international firm, a government office, a hospital, or a world-class museum.  


May 20-August 7, 2015

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