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I am a member of the Triratna  Buddhist Order, and was ordained in June 2000.
My name - Vidyavajra, is composed of two linked elements : 

     vidya  - is an aesthetic knowledge or instinctual awareness for the true nature of reality 
     vajra  - is a determined energy to fully understanding what that true nature is.

These are qualities that I realise I only possess or understand to a modest degree, and requires much further diligent effort from me before they will be fully developed.

I live as part of a Buddhist Community of six men, with my partner Jnanasalin, in a 16th century Manor House in Cambridge UK.  I work for Windhorse:evolution - a Buddhist ethical giftware business. Currently my job is split between being a Kitchen Assistant and projects that develop the aesthetics of the workplace/communities. I'm also involved in devising and leading rituals/pujas, and part of a team responsible for developing Work As Spiritual Practice there.

As you will see from the subject matter of the dharma  articles and pujas on this site I am a great fan of the 12th Century founder of Japanese Soto Zen - Eihei Dogen.  I am also an enthusiastic adapter and writer of material for use in devotional rituals.