>I can't program at all I just want to make vidya ;_;
I recommend picking up something geared more toward non-programmers.
Flash, Game Maker, Game Salad, Construct, AGS, RPG Maker are fine choices but even using those might require some programming knowledge to reach their full potential. 

Remember: The final product matters more than the tools used to make it.
Programming lets you have more control over everything so the final product is more likely to be better.

>What if I want to make a Visual Novel?
Use Ren'py.
End of Discussion.

>I want to make videogames that use all 3 dimensions.
Unity and the Unreal Development Kit are good choices.
You could also use: Source, Leadwerks, Essenthel, Shiva, Cryengine, XNA, OGRE, and Irrlicht.

>I want to make 2d games. 
You have so many options. You could go with XNA, LWJGL, SDL, SFML, Game Maker, Construct, Flash, etc..etc..

It depends on your coding ability, what languages you know (if any), and what you want to port to.
Do some research. 
Also, don't use a 3d game making program to make 2d games, it's overkill.

/v/ tends to go with: XNA, Slick, Gamemaker, SDL, and SFML.