{ Perspective is the only thing that matters } "
I am a Phd Student in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ.

I am currently working with "iNFiNiTY" Research group on Coginitive Radio Network research project( SpiderRadio ). My current research work involves prototyping next generation wireless device. My current area of research work is close to cognitive interworking and futuristic media agnostic flow mobility and management.

Earlier, I was associated with "Motorola India Pvt. Ltd" as Software Engineer. I have industrial experience of simulations of 4G/3G protocol stack as well as 4G NAS (Non-Access Stratum) protocol implementation. I have also worked on audio device drivers for Motorola P2K phones.

Before joining industry, I have done M.Tech (IT) from "IIIT Bangalore" and B.Sc(Engg) in Electronics & Communication Engg form "T. M. Bhagalpur University".

My area of interest lies broadly in the area of Network Research...

I have worked on PHY of Powerline, MAC of WiMax/WiFi, RRC and NAS of LTE and a bit of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) too. 

Other topics that fascinates me are Convex Optimization, Graph Theory, Cross-layer Optimization, Distributed Systems & Simulations....

For more detail please see my "Resume".